I created from the edge. as a space to share ideas and offer advice on public relations, design management, business strategy and leadership. I thought it might also be fun to share a bit of my work from the front lines of creative consulting—below I’ve selected a few of my favorite projects. If you’re interested in seeing more, drop me a line.

Flying Aces

As part of their research process, Teague seeks out the expertise and perspective of individuals in the commercial air travel industry. These individuals are Flying Aces. As a Flying Ace one might be asked to participate in early product testing, take surveys, be interviewed one-on-one or share opinions in focus groups. To help recruit new Flying Aces into the program, we created a new brand identity as well as a print collateral, an advertising campaign, custom branded swag and a recruiting website.

Take Travel Back

Take Travel Back was a blog intended as an ongoing travelogue of shared observations and ideas inspired by in-the-moment travel experiences. To promote the blog, we created a kit of posters, postcards, and travel stickers harkening back to the golden era of air travel that prompted recipients to visit the blog and share their ideas for ushering in faster, smarter, more enjoyable ways to get places.


Teague is the most established, and one of the most respected, design firms in the world. To breathe new life into the heritage-based brand, we created a new brand identity including a manifesto that showcased a forward-looking perspective while giving a nod to Teague’s incredible past.

Limited Edition Book

“Design This Day: 8 Decades of Influential Design” was created to commemorate Teague’s 80th anniversary. The limited edition book showcased Teague’s design projects as well as thumbnail sketches, original illustrations, and noteworthy work from other designers who have inspired Teague throughout its history.