Extreme content.

For the past decade I’ve endured the evolving landscape of PR like a pro; moving from fax, to phone, to email, to social media, and finally to content with the grace of a trained dancer and the momentum of a Mack Truck. Being at the front means never falling behind, so I generally lean into what’s next. Until today anyway.

As I’m sure some of you already know, these days PR is all about custom content. But starting now. No, starting now. PR may have gone too far. I’m calling it “extreme content”. And it could very well be the next frontier of public relations, or the end of PR all together.

Four or five years ago, PR was about selling an idea. A writer would then take that idea and turn it into a story. During the past two years however, as consumers began to crave more content, PR folk quickly learned to fashion the stories themselves, selling them down the line as a written narratives versus big ideas. It ain’t easy becoming a writer over night. But as an industry we weathered the storm and came out on the other side much better for it.

Today a new storm is brewing… as I sat in the studio writing a piece about our creative firm for an upcoming book I received an unexpected email from the publisher—it was a template. Gasp! Not only would I be writing the story myself, I’d be laying it out as well. Double gasp!

Frankly this feels a bit like a PR supernova—an industry exploding in front of my very own eyes with an unavoidable end in site, the black hole of publicity. It seems we’ve reached the end of the line—is it possible that evolution stops here? Inquiring minds want to know…