360 degrees of boring.

Recently I read an article in Frame magazine (Issue 85), Hybrid Happenings, about design manufacturers teaming up with fashion labels for fresh ideas. Not exactly new, we’ve seen it with high fashion for a long, but one thing I found somewhat interesting—Foscarini and Moroso’s collaboration with Diesel, and what Diesel had to say about it: “Diesel wants to offer its customers the possibility to experience the Diesel Planet in everyday life, 360 degrees. Diesel fans can now have the opportunity to dress both their bodies and their homes in the style they like best.” I thought the world these days was about options and individuality?

This reminds me of a book I read awhile back, Chuck Klosterman’s “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.” In one very memorable chapter, Chuck talks about the impact of MTV’s The Real World on contemporary culture. Forget the multi-dimensional personalities of the past; society today only identifies with one-dimensional archetypes. Who are you? I’m usually the b*tch. Throw that into the now more popular competition reality formula and I’m the “character” that usually ends up screaming, “I didn’t come here to make friends.” I thought I was so much deeper than that…I actually am.

But deep takes time, and for whatever reason, these days we’ve got everything but time. The world generally opts for quick and easy; enter Hybrid Happenings.  Forget crafting a style all your own. Find one you like, and just buy the hell out of it. I picture Anthropologie as opposed to Diesel, but the idea is the same. It’s a look. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s a damn shame. Your clothing, hobbies, home, pets, books—your individual choices make up the fabric of who you are. Put all these things in a pile, and it represents you. Put a bunch of things from Anthropologie in a pile, and it represents Anthropologie.

Lesson here: Opt out of quick and easy. Get a life. And don’t settle for just being the b*tch. It’s boring.

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