People want new.

I hit the stripes trend hard just before nautical went mainstream a year or so ago. I still love my stripes, but enough is enough. Seriously.

Like any other woman packing plastic within a 30 minute drive to Nordstrom, I dropped by the annual sale recently at ridiculous-AM. It’s my favorite sale, because fall takes form and it’s always been my favorite season. Give me a chunky knit and a knee-high boot over a cotton dress and espadrilles any day. Fall speaks to me. The Nordstrom sale however, did not.

The sale was a stripeathon, ripped straight from the windows of H&Ms the world over. Stripes, still? Really?

I like stripes, really I do. But is repeating what’s been done over and over for months and months worth getting up early? I want something new from a pre-season sale. Otherwise I’m sleeping in until 11 AM and skipping the gym like usual.

To be fair, at 8 AM I was shoving my feet into a pair of suede platform booties that were probably made with me in mind. Just between us, I like to imagine that I’m a muse to designers I have never met. Even though it’s borderline crazy to buy suede in Seattle, I bought the booties and I love them. Unfortunately they weren’t on sale. Why did I get up early again?

On to the clothes…a stylist wearing stripes over stripes had her eye on me immediately. I liked her, and her stripes. She wore a red lip; I can’t resist a woman with red lips, they drip 100% pure courage. About 30 minutes later I was in a dressing room filled with stripes, all colors, all kinds. Right then and there, I said no. First to myself. And then to the red lips. Enough is enough. This is lazy fashion, and I’m too tired for this !@#$%.

Take a tip from a serious, informed consumer: People want something new, not variations on a theme. Trust me.

Okay fine, Apple is an exception. But if they are always an exception does it really count?

To all designers, fashion or otherwise, make ridiculous-AM the time that people can’t wait to get up to buy your stuff, the very minute it hits the shelves and/or the web. And please leave stripes out of it. At least for a little while.

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