In search of lost time.

Happy Tuesday! I tend to frown on the whole Happy Friday thing, and since I took a long holiday…well…holiday isn’t really the right word, I’d categorize it more as a mini-break, during which I got to thinking about how little time we’ve truly got to live; I’m talking Thoreau type living here, deliberate living. From workin the 9 to 5 to doggie day care pick ups and drop offs, grocery shopping, paying bills, dropping in and out of the bank, laundry, endless appointments and blahblahblah, it’s all work, all the time…we devote every waking hour to activities that support life, but unfortunately don’t contribute much to it (though not always true of design, phew). Perhaps that’s what the American Dream requires, in which case I might pitch a tent with Thoreau…but need remedy be so drastic?

Over the weekend I dropped by Ballard’s Tin Hat for a couple of salty dogs and saw what I believed to be a very good example of work/life balance; the cook, deep in the belly of the kitchen with spatula in hand earnestly flipping burgers, was at the same time leisurely reading a novel. I don’t know if the ‘life’ part of this combo is meant to collide with the ‘work’ part, but I liked what I saw.

Lets work to live, not live to work. And that by the way, will make the work we do better, which is of course completely against the point, but you get my drift.

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